Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pretty New Pets

Spoilt rotten again this year with beautiful beasts, here are just a few:

From left to right:
Ironic car sticker as my bottom lip always comes out when I see squished squizzles.  Secret Santa (AKA Frazzle) hand painted cushion complete with bones border.

Little champagne pickled mouse named Pickle.  My favourite book from my childhood.

Amazing pencils that I framed: "Design is dead, long live the pencil".  My brand new pet, we had to turn the lights down and the music though...

Beautiful set of drawers made from old wooden rulers.  My new pet whistling and dancing away in his carry box, must not be fed after might night!!

Many thanks to everyone for making it a wonderful one, and I promise not to kill any of these oets this time!!x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Butterfly & The Wolf

I have been working on a logo for photographer's new website.  Luke Ward approached me with a very inspiring name of The Butterfly & The Wolf, instantly summing up beautiful imagery in my mind, I jumped at the chance to try and capture this.

Taken directly from it's name, the logo is a marriage of a spread winged butterfly and two howling wolf heads amongst a rainbow of ink blots.

Luke is selling his world photography on his site now so contact him if something takes your fancy.  He is working on some exciting stuff over the Crimbo period so be sure to check back in the new year for some fresh work.

Visit: The Butterfly & The Wolf


Blyk Fashion

Still for the Fashion Blyk advert below.

Above are a few more photographs showing how my illustrations were used for Blyk products.
To view more of the Blyk project visit the new site of Parrot & Miller.

Blyk Entertainment

I was then commissioned to do some illustrations for two further adverts.  This time the brief was "entertainment".  As well as the illustrations (still below), my Blyk logo was added in at the beginning.

Blyk Mobile Phone Advert

Back when I was in my first year of Uni, three of my illustrations got bought by a mobile phone company called "Blyk".  They went on to commission me further including three short movies.  This was the first which was created using stop-frame animation.  I only just came across these files after many years and managed to get hold of a copy.  So here it is...

Skanky Skunks

I was given "Cannabliss?"as the article needing illustrations for the latest issue of IP1.  One of the more challenging pieces I have had to illustrate of late as there were no visuals that jumped out at me as I read it, nor did I want to draw any cliches such as cannabis leaves or spliffs.  I wanted my illustrations to remain impartial to opinions and to the sexes.  Finally I came up with a skunk character in a green hue, complete with positive and negative symbols floating around him.

This issue also has an interview with the rather marvellous illustrator Mister Millerchip, so be sure to pick up a copy!
Ip1 issue 40 is now out around Suffolk & to download from

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bad Panda

So I have never been one of those girls who loved boys in cars or fast cars or in fact cars full stop!  I was never impressed by them, car talk bored me, so putting it off for as long as I could....well, lets just say I became an expert with public transport!
However, no one had told me that you don't have to drive a car and that there are animals out there who you can ride instead!!
So it was whist browsing the local zoo for a pet, (most would think I would chose a squirrel or perhaps a cat of sorts) a baby panda was the creature that caught my eye.  

So here he is, I am the proud owner of a pet panda!  And on the rare occasion the sun shines, keep an eye out as Bad Panda will show his little face (in the form of a sunscreen)! :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

People all over the world.. Join hands..start a Love Train...

As one of my friends has just married her own little train driver, I decided to do some hand painted "Love Train" cups as a wedding gift.

The pair of cups came complete with their initials and marriage date on the carriages.
Wishing Mr & Mrs all the best for their future together x

Friday, 26 August 2011

Lost Rabbitat

I have recently found a new love...."LOST" the TV series!! We have been flying through the seasons in only a few months but had to come to a pause whilst we source a second hand 6th and final season. During this period of absence, I decided to channel my withdrawal symptoms into creativity.
The result was my Dharma Rabbitat. The white rabbit appears several times, initially one with a number 8 painted on him, and again with the number 15. So here he is, a few hours later, when I should have been focusing on my white rabbit (from Alice & Wonderland) costume but got a little sidetracked!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nightmare on the Tiles for IP1

I was asked to illustrate Josh Russell's piece again for this issue, which I was very happy to do as his work always makes a great read. However this feature was a tricky one to pull out imagery, but was excited with the prospect of creating the "quizzical seagull" who has been named "Steven".

The latest issue of the magazine is out now in and around Ipswich if you want to grab your copy or download a PDF from the site here.

Little Lion's Lair

Several weeks back I got a phone call from Geno Washington, owner of a new art gallery in Ipswich; "Bodicia's Gallery". Having apparently heard about me from several sources, he asked for me to come down with some of my work so he could have a look at what I do. He loved my work on wood as well as my plushies, (it was Geno who commissioned me to make Nigel the Alien) so offered to sell some of my work for me. Whilst going through my portfolio, and seeing my LoveOne window from last year, he asked what I could do for his windows. He has an African theme running throughout currently and the Lion was his creature of choice. I proposed a mock up of my idea which he loved so much it go printed up in vinyl as a permanent window display!!

With special thanks to the beautiful Frankie for lending me her hands and photographing the window inbetween.x
View Frankie's work at her site here.

Check out my window or go have a chat to Geno about getting your work inside...
7 Eagle Street, Ipswich. Just up the road from the Spread Eagle pub.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Alan Carr Crittercature

Alan Carr's 2011 tour, Spexy Beast, came to Ipswich this month for two shows. I was working the Friday show so decided to sew up a little crittercature of him. I handed it over to the backstage guys who passed it on for me, I was told he absolutley loved it!! :)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Nigel the Alien

I had a commission this week by a huge alien fan...
He had seen my crittercatures which prompted him to commission me to make a plush alien like his mini keyring.
He was over the moon with his new pet alien who is now sitting proudly in his shop.
As with all my creations, this alien got named too...I thought he looked like a Nigel, so here he is :)

Graham Norton Crittercature

I had an urge to make another Crittercature... and this time decided to rock out a mini Graham Norton. He had just won his BAFTA award so included this in my version along with his widow's peak and facial beauty spot.
Hoping to ship it out to him soon x

Glass Art

I was given the chance to attend some glass workshops at work to play around with some techniques.
The cloud & raindrops was made by cutting glass and layering it up before it was fired. Although I love the results of it, the process wasn't the easiest and I kept finding shards of glass in my boots days later!
The squirrel was a very easy process of painting on with specialist glass paint then covering in a dust of fine glass before firing.
This was a nice quick introduction to creating glass art, something I would like to dabble in again.

Little Pine Tree

Little plush Pine Tree and card I made several months back. Never got round to popping it up, so here it is in action alongside it's smelly Magic Tree friend x

Monday, 18 July 2011

Luce Loves Bones, Em Loves Bones!

My best friend asked me to paint her a cup for work, no problemo...
I thought I would use pictures to describe her job, however Em seemed to forget what her career is!! Robby Z got it straight away but my little one took a little longer...

Emma Benn Loves Photographing Bones... She is a Radiographer!!x

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


The summer issue of IP1 is now out in and around Suffolk. I was asked to work on an illustration to accompany a piece about festivals. Instead of going with the common human I went for the obvious festideer, complete with fairy lit antlers.

Pick up your copy now x

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Through the post...

Last year I did an internship with Beyond the Valley in London. During my time there I worked on three designs which were used within their Spring/Summer 11 range. After seeing the collection in fabric I wanted to own a piece...
After work on my birthday I came across a parcel which I was not expecting..the guys down the shop had very kindly sent me up a sample piece of the animal print, in an over sized white tee, along with a bunch of basics too :) x

Here are a few of the pieces which are now on sale online and in store.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

This is NUTS

So a few weeks back I get an email pop up in my inbox from a guy called Rich. He tells me that he came across me after googling the word "Crittercature". It turns out they were doing a back stage interview with Keith Lemon which included my critter sitting there in his dressing room. Rich informed me that my critter was to be part of the article for NUTS magazine!

I was so excited to hear that Mr Lemon is still a fan of my creation and that it has got pride of place in this piece.
Not only am I super chuffed to have my work in a magazine, it is in a mag which I never thought I could say I would be in!!

I'm in Nuts magazine, without loosing my clothes!

It is out now for this week, page 37 x

Monday, 14 March 2011

Romcom for IP1

After a very busy festive period I am back to illustrating for IP1 in the latest issue which is out now. There is some really useful information, tips and insights to careers within the creative industry in this quarter. I was included as a case study in the article "Creative Economy", where all of us seemed to agree the lack of cash is holding us back! After my rant about this there are a few illustrations of mine too.
"Romcom" (above) is my favourite piece of writing in this issue! Josh Russell is a top writer, and when the copy of this got sent over to me I was delighted to be asked to illustrate it! Pure comedy genius, slightly on the cringey side of what he put himself through but makes a great read! In fact, my illustrations supported two of my favourites down at IP1, the second being slick designer Emmanuel Ogundiran. Mr O is a third of our collective Immaginarium, who, fingers crossed, we will be putting on another show in the near future...

Pick up the new IP1 around Ippi for a gander.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Create for Cross

If you are in or about Norwich over the next week be sure to pop down to St Gregory's Church Gallery for a gander at some beautiful artworks.

I am amongst a bunch of artists exhibiting and auctioning off work all in aid of the Red Cross. There are some big names included in the show like the talented Rob Ryan and of course our favourite local man Mister Millerchip!

It is a secret auction so you can bid as little or as much as you want, buy a beautiful piece of art and help out a great cause all in the process...

For more information check out their blog here.

We love Keith Lemon

Last week I got a phone call from the studio where Celebrity Juice is recorded. The woman informed me that my crittercature got to Mr Lemon himself and that he absolutely loved it! Not only this, but he wanted to have it on his show that night!!

Unfortunately they record two hours worth of material and only 33 minutes gets aired, my critter was in the hour and 28 minutes which was cut :(

The silver lining to it all, was not only did I find out that he got it and loved it, but the face book fan page also put a link up to my site with the crittercature!! Over 60 "likes"!! Result.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Double Trouble

Spent the evening doodling some cat faces which I layered up on some pages from an old book of animals. Underneath I decided to pop some pictures of the troublesome two that are Pixi's.... Pixi the 1st & Pixi the 2nd.

Sadly the affection from the 2nd is not as strong as it was from my Pixi, but she is entertaining as hell...some might even say dumb!! A cat that is crap at climbing trees, jumps into glass shower doors and enjoys sitting in sinks of water!!

White cats with black spots definitely rock.x