Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Critter Creations

In December I held a textile workshop with Digital Playdays on the Waterfront. One of the girls who signed up is a super talented illustrator herself. Amiee's work is absolutely beautiful and the critter she made perfectly represents her style in textile form. Her work is definitely worth a peak. Check out her site here

I managed to get a bit of time to start making a pair of critters for my niece & nephew too. They have both been pestering me to make them one like "Marvin" for ages. "Floss" & "Cosmo" went down a storm at Christmas. My sister text me the picture of Jack with Cosmo:

"Kids really love their critters, both carried them around all day & slept with them."

Walking on Clouds

Whilst rooting through my sock drawer this morning for my first day back at work after the Crimbo holidays, I decided to rock out my cloud socks....
On my return from work I had a nice little surprise in my inbox of another pet cloud being sold off my site. This time he is flying off to Glasgow to cheer up a human.

"I am so excited to give my pet cloud a nice new home!!
I came across you website in issue 3 (nov/dec) of Oh Comely mag. I fell in love with your cloud cups which were shown on page 17 (which I shall be purchasing next month after the dreaded 5 week wage wait!!) & went onto your site straight away for a wee browse!!
The cloud was too adorable to resist!!
All of your work is absolutely stunning & I will be visiting your site again & again."

Talking of pet clouds...

The start of the Xmas holidays gave me an amazing night with the three best girls and slightly more sophisticated, yet still traditional sleepover dinner party at the Bingle residence. The first of us on the property ladder and needless to say the rest of us left very green, all wanting to live in their spare room!! The return journey home made a stop off at Lis' for us to get dressed and ready for work at the theatre. Post shower, and drying my hair....I noticed a mini collection of PixiBones hanging from the corner of her mirror. This cheered me up all ready for the first double show of Peter Pan on Ice.x

Monday, 3 January 2011

Crimbo Delights

Christmas 2010 brought me some beautiful objects again including a knitted squirrel cardie, and a 5 foot card holder! Also supporting the creative industry with a bit of Jon Burgerman and my newly found love which is....Stitches & Glue. The creator of these wonderful plush monsters is Paul Vincett. His creatures are absolutely beautiful, I am already the proud owner of a lucky paw which now lives on MJ and I have my very own custom made monster in the process of being born!! Once he is delivered I shall pop a pic up...