Monday, 6 December 2010

Jedward Crittercatures

After the success of my Crittercatures for the Isle of Wight line up I decided to make a set of the twins that are Jedward. My pint sized, floppy, silver, suited critters took a tour back stage at the Regent last week when they came down on their first tour of "Planet Jedward". The boys kindly signed them for me, John on the back of one (which he took his label off), and Edward signed on his label. They both drew hearts on the back of their heads too!
Cheers guys!x

Oh Comely Clouds

Since being in last months issue of Oh Comely Magazine I have had many people contacting me, complimenting my work and enquiring about sales. There was one in particular who fell in love with my little clouds and bought a pair of them:

"I bought one for my mum as she's really been in need of a silver lined cloud.
She absolutely loved it.
It sits on the beam above the agar in our kitchen. "

It always excites me to know that I can bring a smile to some one's face from creating.

My little pet hanging clouds will be back in stock at LoveOne from Wednesday, along with the jumbo "Storm in a Teacup" cups.x