Saturday, 23 October 2010

Oh Comely

"oh comely is a magazine about people and their quirks and their creativity"
Now on it's third issue, the young magazine is available at WHSmiths as well as many other retail outlets. The guys at O C asked me to send in a pair of my "Storm in a Teacup" cups after a member of the crew saw them being sold at LoveOne in Ipswich. My cups are up for grabs along with a selection of other beautifully hand made objects, page 17 of issue three.

Check out and support the magazine here. x

Friday, 8 October 2010

Beyond The Valley Spring/Summer 11

Back in May I did a work placement with the fashion label BTV. My role for the four weeks was as an assistant designer working on three prints for their SS'11 collection. I loved working with the team down there and it is amazing to know that I have had a hand in a few of their prints. Seeing the prints on fabric was very surreal, I can not wait to see them made into garments. Samples have been made and shown during fashion week and in Paris too. One of the prints I assisted on, "Butterfly Melody", was on the Italian Vogue website this week too!! As soon as the collection is launched I will post photos from their look book.
In the mean time, check out their site for stunning clothes and objects. x

Friday, 1 October 2010

Bergholt Ward, Ipswich Hospital

I had been working on some designs over summer for a mural at Ipswich Hospital. Last week I finally put brush to wall. The image was scaled up in a very clinical treatment room on the ward. Children experience a lot of pain here, like having their blood taken, so my job was to try cheer the place up and provide them with a distraction.

The idea was for them to follow the rainbow down the wall to find a selection of British critters amongst the trees and underground. I chose a limited colour palette so the animals would be slightly camouflaged within the background.

Day one was disheartening. As soon as I started painting it became apparent every colour would need at least three coats paint to get a good coverage. Luckily I had a secret weapon in the form of Master Scott Reeve. From day two Scott helped me block out the colours and did other bits whilst I filled in all the details. He was a God send as I only had four days to complete it, however I still had to stay in the hospital until gone 9pm some nights to stay on track...By Thursday evening my mural was complete.