Friday, 1 October 2010

Bergholt Ward, Ipswich Hospital

I had been working on some designs over summer for a mural at Ipswich Hospital. Last week I finally put brush to wall. The image was scaled up in a very clinical treatment room on the ward. Children experience a lot of pain here, like having their blood taken, so my job was to try cheer the place up and provide them with a distraction.

The idea was for them to follow the rainbow down the wall to find a selection of British critters amongst the trees and underground. I chose a limited colour palette so the animals would be slightly camouflaged within the background.

Day one was disheartening. As soon as I started painting it became apparent every colour would need at least three coats paint to get a good coverage. Luckily I had a secret weapon in the form of Master Scott Reeve. From day two Scott helped me block out the colours and did other bits whilst I filled in all the details. He was a God send as I only had four days to complete it, however I still had to stay in the hospital until gone 9pm some nights to stay on track...By Thursday evening my mural was complete.

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