Saturday, 30 July 2011

Nigel the Alien

I had a commission this week by a huge alien fan...
He had seen my crittercatures which prompted him to commission me to make a plush alien like his mini keyring.
He was over the moon with his new pet alien who is now sitting proudly in his shop.
As with all my creations, this alien got named too...I thought he looked like a Nigel, so here he is :)

Graham Norton Crittercature

I had an urge to make another Crittercature... and this time decided to rock out a mini Graham Norton. He had just won his BAFTA award so included this in my version along with his widow's peak and facial beauty spot.
Hoping to ship it out to him soon x

Glass Art

I was given the chance to attend some glass workshops at work to play around with some techniques.
The cloud & raindrops was made by cutting glass and layering it up before it was fired. Although I love the results of it, the process wasn't the easiest and I kept finding shards of glass in my boots days later!
The squirrel was a very easy process of painting on with specialist glass paint then covering in a dust of fine glass before firing.
This was a nice quick introduction to creating glass art, something I would like to dabble in again.

Little Pine Tree

Little plush Pine Tree and card I made several months back. Never got round to popping it up, so here it is in action alongside it's smelly Magic Tree friend x

Monday, 18 July 2011

Luce Loves Bones, Em Loves Bones!

My best friend asked me to paint her a cup for work, no problemo...
I thought I would use pictures to describe her job, however Em seemed to forget what her career is!! Robby Z got it straight away but my little one took a little longer...

Emma Benn Loves Photographing Bones... She is a Radiographer!!x