Friday, 26 August 2011

Lost Rabbitat

I have recently found a new love...."LOST" the TV series!! We have been flying through the seasons in only a few months but had to come to a pause whilst we source a second hand 6th and final season. During this period of absence, I decided to channel my withdrawal symptoms into creativity.
The result was my Dharma Rabbitat. The white rabbit appears several times, initially one with a number 8 painted on him, and again with the number 15. So here he is, a few hours later, when I should have been focusing on my white rabbit (from Alice & Wonderland) costume but got a little sidetracked!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nightmare on the Tiles for IP1

I was asked to illustrate Josh Russell's piece again for this issue, which I was very happy to do as his work always makes a great read. However this feature was a tricky one to pull out imagery, but was excited with the prospect of creating the "quizzical seagull" who has been named "Steven".

The latest issue of the magazine is out now in and around Ipswich if you want to grab your copy or download a PDF from the site here.

Little Lion's Lair

Several weeks back I got a phone call from Geno Washington, owner of a new art gallery in Ipswich; "Bodicia's Gallery". Having apparently heard about me from several sources, he asked for me to come down with some of my work so he could have a look at what I do. He loved my work on wood as well as my plushies, (it was Geno who commissioned me to make Nigel the Alien) so offered to sell some of my work for me. Whilst going through my portfolio, and seeing my LoveOne window from last year, he asked what I could do for his windows. He has an African theme running throughout currently and the Lion was his creature of choice. I proposed a mock up of my idea which he loved so much it go printed up in vinyl as a permanent window display!!

With special thanks to the beautiful Frankie for lending me her hands and photographing the window inbetween.x
View Frankie's work at her site here.

Check out my window or go have a chat to Geno about getting your work inside...
7 Eagle Street, Ipswich. Just up the road from the Spread Eagle pub.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Alan Carr Crittercature

Alan Carr's 2011 tour, Spexy Beast, came to Ipswich this month for two shows. I was working the Friday show so decided to sew up a little crittercature of him. I handed it over to the backstage guys who passed it on for me, I was told he absolutley loved it!! :)