Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Stowfest Music Festival 2012

"THE MIX" got involved with this years Stowfest on Saturday 9th June despite the high winds and spots of rain....
Representing the Mix was the very talented Mister Millerchip getting some drawing activities going on  as well as my critter creating workshops.  The day was a huge success and drummed up a lot of interest in the full workshops that will be taking place in Stowmarket through out the summer.

Register now to hear about opportunities coming in the near future here.

Enjoi x

Paper Memories IP1

Issue 42 presented me with my most challenging piece of copy from IP1 yet.  The article was about teens who have lost their parents at an age when no child should.  As it is a very sensitive topic, I wanted to avoid any cliches, dark or depressive content.  Eventually I went with a loose concept of delicate origami animals with only one adult present. Apparently both moths and bats are a sign of death in a family too so they were my initial illustrations.  I then chose a mammal of land and water to complete the trip tic.

Now available to pick up or download x