Friday, 4 January 2013


Another little side venture I have started up is WhiteMoonLight: the home for bespoke designs for special occasions.  My first couple wanted a cheque book style wedding invitation which included butterflies and royal blue.  Below are a few stages showing the development.  

Initial ideas & drawings

Laser cut design in progress

Ivory pearlescent underlay paper

Separate invites made for wedding & evening guests

Tiered cheque book style contents

WhiteMoonLight logo stamps in Royal Blue 

To read more information about these invitiations & keep an eye on the next two I am working on go to the WhiteMoonLight site here
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Custom hoodies

I decided as gifts for my nieces & nephew this year I would print up some hoodies especially for them.  All three are fans of what I do and have favourite illustrations of mine so I worked these into the design.  Using a sublimation printer the illustrations were transferred permanently onto the colour hoodies.  

 Steven Seagull

Animal  Zoo

Wolf & Bear

All of them love their new tops, but until I have photos of them wearing them, Mr. Bones is modelling them.  Happy New Year x