Thursday, 23 August 2012

Age of Anxiety

Issue 43 of IP1 provided me with another challenging article to illustrate, again by the same writer of Josh Russell.  Our styles seem to marry up so we have collaborated on pieces over the last year or so now.  This piece raises awareness on what it is like to suffer from anxiety, but visually, didn't sum up much imagery for me.  I drew out several phrases to work from.. hiding away, inside a box, back in sunlight.  These three instantly made me think of a tortoise who hides in his shell, scared of his own shadow, and finally comes into colour when he pops his head out...
Here is the final result of my little anxious tortoise...

Monday, 13 August 2012

A little love for you

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by some very creative people.  People who I often draw on for inspiration and advice on my own work.  Once you have spent four years being in a creative environment 24/7 it can be challenging to have a network of that scale again, if at all.  My network now is much much smaller, but it is full of opinions I truly value from inspiring and genuine people.  

Along with their support, I have also managed to collect pieces of their own creations.  Some things have been made especially for me, others have been parts of a series or as a gift knowing I would appreciate them.  I have a habit of keeping almost everything I am given, especially if it provokes a memory or has meaning behind it.  However, here is a small sample of the works of art that live with me now...

ISC Photography & caricature

Jon Burgerman doodle & random found bunny 

 Frankie Leigh cushion & cross stitch

Kris Skellorn & Jevan Math Watkins-Jones 

John Harris inside out & ISC blue tak creations 

Lisa Woolnough Pet Rock 

King Louie Mermaid & Pirate Squizzle 

King Louie two of four paintings

Some of these guys are working professionally as creatives, others are simply creative at heart still.  My pet rock, by one of my dearest friends Lis, was a gift for my 21st.  When she asked what I wanted for my birthday I gave a simple and honest answer.  A pet rock!  She took it above and beyond my wildest dreams, Gus came with his life history and box.  I have had several pupils at work as about what pets I have to which my answer always include him, many of them don't believe me!!

A little thank you to all of you (not just those shown) who have inspired, encouraged and motivated me with my creations.  It has never gone unnoticed. Love x

Check out some of their works below:

Friday, 3 August 2012

Monthly Moon

 July full moon

August full moon 

For those who do not know, my name by birth is Selina Lucy.  Translated into meanings it comes out as Moon Light (this was completely unintentional on my parents behalf).  
I have always loved the moon, and along with the connection to my name this is why it often crops up within my illustrations.

A lot of stuff has happened during the period of time that passed between these two full moons.  
I noticed the intensity of the light a few nights ago when I got into bed at 3am.  It reminded me of the beauty of the last full moon when we watched it reflect in the water.  It made me realise I am in a very different place, both mentally & physically a month on.

Having left work for summer holidays, my routine has morphed back into my nocturnal ways.  I have been fortunate enough to be forced back into hiding away in the studio for the majority of my waking hours.  The saying of "you wait all day for a bus, then two come along at once" could not be more true.  Having a few briefs that I knew I had to complete over the summer break, suddenly tripled in load in the first week.  I have loved working late into the night again, when it is quiet and peaceful, only hearing rain against my window, and the occasional hoot from an owl.

I have been working on some really great briefs which are now back in the hands of those who commissioned them.  Once they have released them for their purposes I will post images on here.  Until then, above is a sneak peek of a collaboration I worked on with a dear friend, posted because it fits perfectly with my moons!!

Roll on the creativity and productivity as I embark on my other projects waiting to have pen touch paper x

The moon that got caught in my studio x