Friday, 3 August 2012

Monthly Moon

 July full moon

August full moon 

For those who do not know, my name by birth is Selina Lucy.  Translated into meanings it comes out as Moon Light (this was completely unintentional on my parents behalf).  
I have always loved the moon, and along with the connection to my name this is why it often crops up within my illustrations.

A lot of stuff has happened during the period of time that passed between these two full moons.  
I noticed the intensity of the light a few nights ago when I got into bed at 3am.  It reminded me of the beauty of the last full moon when we watched it reflect in the water.  It made me realise I am in a very different place, both mentally & physically a month on.

Having left work for summer holidays, my routine has morphed back into my nocturnal ways.  I have been fortunate enough to be forced back into hiding away in the studio for the majority of my waking hours.  The saying of "you wait all day for a bus, then two come along at once" could not be more true.  Having a few briefs that I knew I had to complete over the summer break, suddenly tripled in load in the first week.  I have loved working late into the night again, when it is quiet and peaceful, only hearing rain against my window, and the occasional hoot from an owl.

I have been working on some really great briefs which are now back in the hands of those who commissioned them.  Once they have released them for their purposes I will post images on here.  Until then, above is a sneak peek of a collaboration I worked on with a dear friend, posted because it fits perfectly with my moons!!

Roll on the creativity and productivity as I embark on my other projects waiting to have pen touch paper x

The moon that got caught in my studio x

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