Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Butterfly & The Wolf

I have been working on a logo for photographer's new website.  Luke Ward approached me with a very inspiring name of The Butterfly & The Wolf, instantly summing up beautiful imagery in my mind, I jumped at the chance to try and capture this.

Taken directly from it's name, the logo is a marriage of a spread winged butterfly and two howling wolf heads amongst a rainbow of ink blots.

Luke is selling his world photography on his site now so contact him if something takes your fancy.  He is working on some exciting stuff over the Crimbo period so be sure to check back in the new year for some fresh work.

Visit: The Butterfly & The Wolf


Blyk Fashion

Still for the Fashion Blyk advert below.

Above are a few more photographs showing how my illustrations were used for Blyk products.
To view more of the Blyk project visit the new site of Parrot & Miller.

Blyk Entertainment

I was then commissioned to do some illustrations for two further adverts.  This time the brief was "entertainment".  As well as the illustrations (still below), my Blyk logo was added in at the beginning.

Blyk Mobile Phone Advert

Back when I was in my first year of Uni, three of my illustrations got bought by a mobile phone company called "Blyk".  They went on to commission me further including three short movies.  This was the first which was created using stop-frame animation.  I only just came across these files after many years and managed to get hold of a copy.  So here it is...

Skanky Skunks

I was given "Cannabliss?"as the article needing illustrations for the latest issue of IP1.  One of the more challenging pieces I have had to illustrate of late as there were no visuals that jumped out at me as I read it, nor did I want to draw any cliches such as cannabis leaves or spliffs.  I wanted my illustrations to remain impartial to opinions and to the sexes.  Finally I came up with a skunk character in a green hue, complete with positive and negative symbols floating around him.

This issue also has an interview with the rather marvellous illustrator Mister Millerchip, so be sure to pick up a copy!
Ip1 issue 40 is now out around Suffolk & to download from