Monday, 14 March 2011

Romcom for IP1

After a very busy festive period I am back to illustrating for IP1 in the latest issue which is out now. There is some really useful information, tips and insights to careers within the creative industry in this quarter. I was included as a case study in the article "Creative Economy", where all of us seemed to agree the lack of cash is holding us back! After my rant about this there are a few illustrations of mine too.
"Romcom" (above) is my favourite piece of writing in this issue! Josh Russell is a top writer, and when the copy of this got sent over to me I was delighted to be asked to illustrate it! Pure comedy genius, slightly on the cringey side of what he put himself through but makes a great read! In fact, my illustrations supported two of my favourites down at IP1, the second being slick designer Emmanuel Ogundiran. Mr O is a third of our collective Immaginarium, who, fingers crossed, we will be putting on another show in the near future...

Pick up the new IP1 around Ippi for a gander.

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