Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pretty New Pets

Spoilt rotten again this year with beautiful beasts, here are just a few:

From left to right:
Ironic car sticker as my bottom lip always comes out when I see squished squizzles.  Secret Santa (AKA Frazzle) hand painted cushion complete with bones border.

Little champagne pickled mouse named Pickle.  My favourite book from my childhood.

Amazing pencils that I framed: "Design is dead, long live the pencil".  My brand new pet, we had to turn the lights down and the music though...

Beautiful set of drawers made from old wooden rulers.  My new pet whistling and dancing away in his carry box, must not be fed after might night!!

Many thanks to everyone for making it a wonderful one, and I promise not to kill any of these oets this time!!x

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