Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bad Panda

So I have never been one of those girls who loved boys in cars or fast cars or in fact cars full stop!  I was never impressed by them, car talk bored me, so putting it off for as long as I could....well, lets just say I became an expert with public transport!
However, no one had told me that you don't have to drive a car and that there are animals out there who you can ride instead!!
So it was whist browsing the local zoo for a pet, (most would think I would chose a squirrel or perhaps a cat of sorts) a baby panda was the creature that caught my eye.  

So here he is, I am the proud owner of a pet panda!  And on the rare occasion the sun shines, keep an eye out as Bad Panda will show his little face (in the form of a sunscreen)! :)

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