Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mister Millerchip Plush

Early Summer Joel AKA Mister Millerchip, approached me about a collaboration   He was wanting one of his characters brought to life in the form of a giant head and fore arms.  Having been a massive fan of his for years I jumped at the opportunity to work with him...

Original mock up & close up of freehand embroidery

He sent over the mock up of what was needed for his character "Two Sticks Foggan".  This certainly was a new challenge for me.  I have never made a mascot head to fit a human before, so the structure was a daunting prospect.  After doing a little research I decided to build up a sphere from layers of upholstery foam and then carved more to shape...

Foam head base size

Applique embroidered facial features

Stuffed forehead & nose & sculpted hair

I then started adding his design using applique and freehand machine embroidery techniques.  Sections of the face had stuffing added to enhance his shape and make his profile more interesting.  The hair and beard were hand sewn on and stuffed again.  Finally his neck was added, which will be tucked into the T-shirt so no human flesh is on show.

His arms were made in the same way, with a layer of wadding to make them padded.  All the hairs and tattoos were appliqued on individually.

Joel is planning a photo shoot with Two Sticks Foggan in December so when the images return I shall post them up.  In the mean time here is a quick snap of Mister Millerchip himself playing the part of his character when I presented it to him at Stix Festival....

I absolutely loved working on this collaboration & Joel seemed over the moon with the results.x

To check out all his brilliant creations, characters and chipshop goodies have a peek at his website here.

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