Sunday, 4 March 2012

"The look and feel of the new magazine is to a very high standard; glossy, youthful, packed with great images and content and featuring illustrations from highly talented illustrator Lucy Selina Hall."

In the new year I was approached about a commission for, working on a very quick turn around the 100,000 run of the magazine is now out and about to get muddy paws on.

The magazine is so inspiring, full of beautiful photography capturing the wonders waiting to be experienced.  I was very excited to get on board with this team to illustrate for it, however I am slightly disappointed about the lack of living koala bear I was promised as part of the package Macca!!

Paper planes and flying piggy (bank)//P14-15

Reading wave//P21

Polar bear & penguin//centre fold//P34-35

Don't take all your 98 pairs of shoes...//P62

Bitten by the travel bug//P66

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