Sunday, 8 August 2010

Imaginarium: See what the creature created

Amongst other bits and bobs, my summer has been taken over by two men. One of which has been in my life for several years, the other I did not know of his existence until a few months back.
The three of us all share similar passions and decided it was time for us to show people what we do. Meeting up weekly to discuss ideas and developments, suddenly, after a huge disappointment, we had the Ancient House booked and had to move in in three days. This left us very little time to do much else, our Imaginarium over took our lives. We had five days to set up our exhibition space which we transformed into a dark forest resemblance. Trees hanging from a black bin bag sky line, a half moon crest set at the back of the room, and an "unfinished burrow" in the priest hole. This is not a traditional exhibition. The installation and experience has become just as important in a piece itself as well as our individual work.

I feel so honoured to be part of a show with these two, I am so proud of the work they produce and am so grateful for the support they have given me every single day. It has been an absolute pleasure experiencing this with them, we have learnt a lot and hope to put this all into practise in future shows together.

And once "Violet Newton"& "Artist Avant-Garde" have their sites up and running I'll pop the links here, until then, their details are on our blog.
To check out our combined blog visit ImaginariumCreature.

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