Monday, 22 February 2010

Curt Louis Films

I am currently in the process of doing the artwork for the cover of Curt Louis' first DVD. A short film he wrote, directed and edited over the winter months. I played my part in the film by supplying a crazy amount of lacewings which seemed to have taken a liking to my office (no lacewings were hurt during the making). Curt became very attached to these critters and has decided his logo is now a lacewing he drew.
Rene X ( + ∞ ) is slightly unusual, the point of the film is not really to be understood by the viewer. It is definatley worth a peek though, just dont't expect closure after the nine minutes!!

You can view his film on youtube:

Or check out his blog for updates and news as well as the film:

I will post up the artwork once it is complete.

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